Sunday, October 17, 2010

What a month it has been!!!

Well it is official. I am a terrible blogger. For some-one who loves to talk, you would think I was better at this, but noooooo.
Anyway, on with the goss.
Let's start with today. For anyone that is into quilting, then they would know that Quilts in the Barn at Wonga Park, was on this week-end. Linda  has a wonderful husband, who built her a huge American style barn on their property. Each year she, and her many friends, holds a quilt expo to raise money for Breast Cancer Research.
This year the quilts were the amazing works of Di Ford and the Secret Sewing Sisterhood. What a fantastic name for a sewing group!

Here are some of the girls in the group (I believe there are 4 more) posing in front of the quilt that they made for Di's special birthday. Ann-Maree and I just loved this quilt. We might even attempt a smaller version for ourselves.
A lot of the money that is raised comes from the raffle quilt and I believe that the Sisterhood had a hand in making it this year.
I hope you can see it clearly enough to appreciate how lovely it is. I didn't get a phone call, so I guess I wasn't the lucky winner. I did buy the pattern though, so maybe one day I will have one.
Another quilt that I have the pattern for is this one, designed by Michelle Yeo.

                                                      At least this one I have started.
A large amount of the quilts had hundreds of different fabrics. They justify the need for buying more fabric and luckily, Threadbear from Castlemaine, was there. Even Ann-Maree bought fabric, and she owns a patchwork shop.

After we left the Barn, Ann-Maree and I, and our friends Tracey and Debra, headed to Cameo Corner in Wandin. A mixture of antiques and French provincial, it is a favourite spot of ours. I bought a lovely little dish with a cross stitch design on it. ( will post a pic tomorrow.)
From there we all headed to the Patchwork Teahouse in Warburton for lunch. There is nothing nicer than having lunch surrounded by interesting things to look at. The four of us do the same thing every year. It's always nice to have a great day out with like minded friends.
This is all I have time for tonight, but I promise to post more tomorrow. Promise!!!
Until then,



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