Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yes, I am still alive

I know it has been for ever since I last posted. I really don't have a GOOD excuse. Let's just say that I have been a weee bit busy (and I'm slack.)
Well what has been happening in my world of late. Ann-Maree and I have been busy designing projects for our retreat in October. As a matter of fact, she has presented me with another project only yesterday.
I think that I might post some sneak peeks at the end of the week. What do you think?
Winter is alive and well up here in the Dandenongs. With all the rain that we have had, you would expect the dams to be higher than 36%. Where does all this water go???
The twins turned 3 last Saturday and as Bec's Birthday was on Sunday, we had the 3 of them from Saturday night, until Monday morning. They are such a delight to have.

Watching Mama cooking.

I can't believe how quickly they have grown up. And of course, because there is 2 of them, we must have 2 cakes. Sponges naturally because that is what my grandma made for my birthdays.

No birthday is complete without candles and fairy bread.
Happy 3rd Birthday Tahlia and Ebony-Rose. And of course, Happy 26th Birthday to Bec.

This week-end we have Dee's kids 'cos Andrew has to work.
Mark, in his wisdom, decided to take them and Jordy up to see the snow for the first time.

Every-one knows that you MUST build the customary Snowman.

They had a great time tobogganing until some nice people stole their toboggans while they were getting hot drinks. Stressed poor Mark out to the max, but as you can see, the kids still had a wonderful time.
Next time I'm going with them, to protect Mark's sanity (if that is possible!!!!)

I really LOVE this photo of Dane, Lydia and Jordan.
Now I must go and get some sewing done, so until next time, be Happy.

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  1. great to see you on your blog again.sneek previews would be good. Looking forward to seeing them. Thanks for blogging