Sunday, October 31, 2010

The week that was!

The rain has not stopped for the last two days, and quite honestly I love it. This is the perfect weather to catch up on the things I have been wanting to do at home. One being to tidy my sewing room so that I can be creative in there. The other is to catch up on my blogging.
I so want to tell you about my week.
It started with last Sunday. My darling husband organised my youngest son to come and cook brunch for me as a belated birthday celebration.

My macho chef son with his tattoos and pretty frilly apron.
You can tell he is his father's son. Always out to make you laugh. He brought one of his house mates, Taryn, along to help.They really whipped up a storm. Taryn made delicious pancakes and Luke cooked the rest of the makings for a Canadian breakfast ( my favourite)

Luke will make some-one a good husband one day( or is that a good wife?)
While Luke cooked, his Dad played games on Luke's I-Phone. Talk about role reversal!!!

I had to download this game for him on my phone after Luke left.
The weather was beautiful, the food was amazing and the company was wonderful. I think that was the first time that my eldest son, Marc, had brought his girlfriend, Sam, for a meal. And to top it off, the in-laws were very well behaved.(just kidding guys)
Mark then disappeared for a while and came back with a bunch of white roses.

He said that they represented a new beginning in our life. We are starting to take back control of our lives, from our kids.

So  a big THANK-YOU to Lukey and Taz for a wonderful meal and your uplifting company.
O.K. Ex factor has started, so I will write about the rest of the week tomorrow.
Until then, be happy!

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