Monday, March 15, 2010

What a week-end!!!

So much for trying to blog on a regular basis. It has been bedlam here this week. Our daughter Bec had to be moved from Olinda to Belgrave , and to top that off, it was our week-end to have Dee's kids. It has been so long since I had seen Dane and Lydia that I didn't even know what class room Dane was in. Just the same, it was really wonderful to catch up with all of Dee's friends from the school,  and they soon pointed me in the right direction. Dane was very excited because he had had his first SRC meeting at school that day. He is sooo much like Dee in that way.She would be so proud of him. Lydia is growing in leaps and bounds. To think that 2 years ago, she could hardly talk. Now she doesn't stop, and WHY is her favourite word.
So as well as Dane and Lydia, I also had Bec's three. Five children is not as easy to look after in your 50's as it was in my 20's. The mind was willing but boy was the body weak.
Still we got through it, Bec is relocated, and I have my life back. No more running Bec's three around.Yay!
Now to the fun stuff.
When I was at the shop on Tuesday, Garden Party by Blackbird Designs had come in. This is the fabric that we are using for our raffle quilt for our October retreat.

Don't you think it looks amazing. I have done the cutting out and started sewing the blocks. Will post pictures as I go.
Until next time,

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  1. Hi Lynn...welcome to the world of far I still lurk around... to chicken to take the plunge...hope to see you at Ann-Marie's soon..hugs..happy stitching...LindaB