Sunday, April 15, 2012

The School Hoidays are Over

The school holidays may have come to an end, but I haven't told you about what I got up to before they began.
My Friday night girls and I took a trip down to Crib Point, on the Mornington Peninsula, to see a small country quilt show. The atmosphere was so friendly and the scones, made by the local CWA were delicious. We all bought fabric because it was so cheap.
On the way home we stopped off at The Magic Patch in Tyabb. It's such a lovely shop to browse in but the little coffe shop next door was even better. Tilly's is owned by a lovely lady named Robyn, whom I met in the first week that she opened. All her food is homemade and her cafe has gone from strength to strength.

                                                         That's Robyn in the apron

We all had a wonderful day that was filled with lots of laughter. We are going back real soon to sample Robyn's High Tea. YUM.

In the first week of the school holidays, I took grandson Jordy to my Tuesday group. He loves to come with me because Annie's husband, John, has so many great "boys toys" to play with.

                               That's John joining in on the conversation and Annie in orange

Barb had made a really cute baby's quilt from left over blocks and some of the girls had made easter bags for their granddaughters. As you can see, I shared my latest copy of Mollie Makes (I love that magazine) with the girls and Annie supplied us with non fattening Easter eggs. Wel we can dream anyway!

Talking about Easter. My sisters and I had an Easter egg hunt for Mum and the little kids.
Mum is in the advanced stages of Dementia and generally can not tolerate young children. To my greatest  pleasure, she was in an amazing mood. she was kicking a soccer ball with the other kids and even went for a walk with Tahlia and Ebony. They know that great grandma is sick but they always try to give her a hug. Thank you Mum for this great memory of you and my grandchildren. It is something that I will always treasure.

                         Sharing the day with my younger sister also made it very special

I'll share my holiday adventures with my grand children tomorrow. It's been a VERY big day today and I'm bushed.
So until then, stay happy.

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