Monday, April 16, 2012

It's so Peaceful

The grandchildren are back at school and creche and I can hear the kitchen clock ticking. Oh, and the kookaburras laughing. Guess they are enjoying the serenity too.

So what did we do in the school holidays?

Well the first week I spent with Jordy. He had two private lessons with Paul, his martial arts teacher, and we generally spent some quality time together.

The second week was a different matter!!!!!

Dane and Lydia come for the last week, to spend time with their cousins. And Grandma and Grandpa of course.
It was a continual pattern of cleaning, cooking, feeding, washing, refereeing, feeding, cleaning, feeding... you get the picture.
We couldn't go any where during the week because I couldn't fit them all in the car.
Come the weekend, then we had to do the customary grandparents thing.
I took Dane, Jordan and Lydia to see the Lorax and this time, Tahlia joined us. Ebony didn't want to come so she had a lovely time with grandpa. A great time was had by all.

Sunday, we all went to Gumbya Park in Tynong, to meet up with Mark's parents. (Ga grandma, Wenda and Ga Grandpa, Nev. ) My amazing mother-in-law was a kinder teacher in her earlier life, which means that every Easter since I first met her, the Easter egg hunt is a grand production. And not just for the little ones. Age is no excuse where she is concerned.

There was food, there were eggs, there were native animals and there were rides.

Even the koalas were happily munching away

and as you can see, the weather was perfect

Perfect day, but after I drove Dane and Lydia home, this old girl was bushed. Still I wouldn't miss having them all for the school holidays for all the tea in China. They give us so much pleasure.

Next post I will catch you up on my crafting.
So until then, stay happy

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  1. Firstly blog more!
    Secondly Robyn and I are like this (you cant see me crossing my fingers)
    Thirdly when are you coming to visit?
    Fourthly, love ya guts!