Monday, February 6, 2012

How Time Flies

I can't believe that it was 2010 since I last blogged.
So much has happened in that time, that it is hard to know where to begin.
I suppose the biggest change in our lives is that we now have 3 of our grandchildren living with us permanently.
Aren't they cute.

Jordan,8 years old, and 4 year old twins, Tahlia and Ebony-Rose, moved in last March.

It's been a hard slog having to raise little ones again, especially with all the trauma that they had been through.
I have had a lot of help from Anglicare with their Kinship Program and Bev from Anchor. They kept me sane. (although I know some of my friends will say that I wasn't all that sane to start with.)
As you can see, the kids are now happy (most of the time) and the good times far out weigh the bad.

The other big change in my life is that my best friend, Ann-Maree, closed her patchwork shop, Primitive Patches. That means that I am no longer teaching for her and I have more time to finish off a room full of projects.
That being said, I guess I will have no excuse now not to blog about my crafts.
So, as I am sewing with my Tuesday Friendship group tomorrow, I will show you what I worked on tomorrow night.
Until then, stay happy

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  1. Hi Lynne, it's lovely to meet you through your blog, all your projects look beautiful and I look forward to reading about more of your work! Wendy